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Fitness Education Diet

A customized program designed to Inform, Inspire and Influence the homeless to reach and maximize their full potential using Fitness, Education, and Diet as the foundation for their health, wellness, and...

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Toiletries and Grooming


Project TAG is all about getting to the basics and providing essential kits with products (such as soap, deodorant, toothpaste, etc.) that every human being deserves and is entitled to.

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Helping Others Pursue Education


This one is all about sustainability! Project HOPE is a pipeline to intellectual development. Beyond just educating the homeless population on different educational opportunities available...

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Social Wellness Action Plan


All hands on deck! Project SWAP is focused on hosting events that highlight the humanity of our homeless population. They are deserving of joy, and we want to bring it to them by providing them the...

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Bringing Love Optimism and Opportunities to Moms

Project BLOOM is our annual event that advocates for women and their wellness. We provide workshops and talks on health, safety, beauty, and more!

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